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    Hengtong Special Ceramics Company

    Hengtong Special Ceramics Company lies in Liling, the famous porcelain city. The main products include pottery bowls with the compound of aluminum, Jingqing stone, Molai stone and jade and all kinds of fireproof special ceramics. Our products can boast of their good stableness, low expanding and high durable and refractory coefficient. As a result, they are widely used in daily porcelain, electric ceramics, magnetic materials (mainly oxidized iron), and electronic items. On behalf of the whole staff, Mr. Zhou Benglin, general manager, shows warm welcome to new and old clients.
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    Main Business: Sintering equipments
    Country: China
    Main Product:
    Postcode: 412200
    Tel: 86-0733-3232196
    Cellphone Number:
    Fax: 86-0733-3232196
    Who for contact:
    Email: hnhttc@llzc.com
    Website: Http://www.hnhttc.com

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