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    Carbide Tips for Solid Control

    our carbide tips which may weld in High Volume Solids removal series is proved by end users. Never drop and easy to weld. Tailed brushing testing is a..

    HD Carbide Solution Co.,Ltd  2021/9/21

    Spherical Bits

    Spherical Bits visit our website http://www.ruixintungsten.com/english/protype.asp?page=2#145 for details...

    Shandong Ruixin Tungsten Co.,LTD  2021/9/21

    Carbide Rotary Burr

    Tungsten carbide burrs suitable for deburring and polishing cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless stell etc. up to HRC65 hard..

    Zigong Chenhui Cemented Carbide Co. Ltd  2021/9/21

    Tungsten Heavy Alloy

    ¡¡GESAC produce different kinds of Tungsten Based Heavy Metals. Tungsten based heavy metals has high density,high tensile strength,high elastic modu..

    Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co. Ltd. (GESAC)  2021/9/21

    Prefinisher Roll

    welcome to contact us for details...

    Zhejiang Hengcheng Cemented Carbide Co., ltd.  2021/9/18



    Jiangsu Weilong Saw Mfg Co.,Ltd  2021/9/18

    Cemented carbide Rolls

    Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd, founded in 1993, is engaged in providing high quality cemented carbide dies for iron and steel products indus..

    Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd  2021/9/18

    Carbide Circular Sawblade

    Carbide circular sawblade, with stable quality and reasonable price. Please contact us for details...

    Jianyang Huayi Hard Metal Material Co.,Ltd  2021/9/18

    Ammonium Paratungstate

    Type£ºAPT-A APT-B APT-C Appearance£ºWhite crystal Package£ºDouble plastic bags in iron drum ,100/200 kg/piece. Or according to the needs of cus..

    Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd.  2021/9/18

    Carbide Saw Tips for Wood and Aluminium Cutting

    Carbide Saw Tips for Wood and Aluminium Cutting..

    OKE Precision Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd.  2021/9/17

    Pinch Roll

    Hengcheng started to supply roll rings for high speed rolling of steel wires and bars to the domestic and international customers from year 1993. We c..

    Zhejiang Hengcheng Cemented Carbide Co., ltd.  2021/9/17



    Jiangsu Weilong Saw Mfg Co.,Ltd  2021/9/17

    Vanadium Carbide

    Grade: FVC-A, FVC-B, FVC-C Appearance: Grey powder Applications: for cemented carbides ..

    Jiujiang Bode New Materials Research Institute (BMI)  2021/9/17

    Tungsten Carbide Products

    China has largest tungsten mining industry in the world. Based on careful selecting of raw material and advanced production process, JJCM has produced..

    Junji Carbide Manufacture Co., Ltd  2021/9/17

    Road milling bits

    Hengcheng is a national high-tech company, having been engaging in R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of tungsten products since 1991. Its product..

    Zhejiang Hengcheng Cemented Carbide Co., ltd.  2021/9/16

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